I watched a Ted Talk this morning on why we need to sleep. To me sleep equals dreaming and I love doing both.

I’m happy with 9 hours a night but usually get (only) 7 or 8. I put only in brackets because to a lot of people, 7 or 8 hours is a lot.  Apparently we all (still) need 8 hours and contrary to popular myth, we don’t need less sleep as we get older. I know a lot of people who regularly get 4 or 5 every night, or even less, and then occasionally crash to 7 or 8 hours (husband). I don’t think I’d be able to function if I got that little on a regular basis because of the way I react when I have an occasional night of sleeplessness, like the night before last.

Faced with an unexpected decision to make I couldn’t shut off and didn’t fall asleep until well after 2:00 a.m and I was awake again at 8:00 because we had plans to go ‘up-island’ to Ladysmith, a drive of a couple of hours. On the way back I found myself unable to keep my eyes open – I was a passenger of course – and I began having micro-naps.  I’m sure you’ve also experienced that weird feeling where you sort of witness yourself falling asleep and waking up from a dream cycle. The dreams were, as far as I can tell, totally random nonsense.

Sometimes I have dreams that I interpret as my subconscious giving me a message but most of the time I think my dreaming doesn’t mean anything. It is just the brain’s way of processing information, I think. But still when I saw this Ted Talk on why we sleep this morning, it caught my eye. I already do a lot of the tips offered by Mr. Foster but one thing I added was a lamp to my bathroom counter so that I can avoid that bright light before I go to sleep.


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