How can you attract a good-feeling and clear the energy in your home and your life? Try one, or ten of these suggestions:

  1. Give the home a surface cleaning – dust and vacuum.
  2. Place sea salt in all the corners of every room (put the salt on wax paper or in a small dish to protect surfaces from being stained).
  3. Briefly open all the doors and window.
  4. Take down any negative photos or paintings.
  5. Remove and dispose of any dead or dying plants. Even if you think you can coax the plant back to life it is better if they are out of your home.
  6. Put out fresh flowers.
  7. Light a candle.
  8. Burn incense or essential oils – use the best quality you can afford.
  9. Put on inspiring music.
  10. Say a prayer and ask that Divine Light fill the home.



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