Bagua Map by Deobrah Redfern

In my book Odyssey of the Heart: Paths to Wholeness through Feng Shui, I begin my exploration of the Bagua Map with this very powerful area because it is about new beginnings and past relationships. It is similar to the 1st Chakra in that it is the foundation upon which all is built.

The Family area represents your self image, growth, awareness and your ability to break past obstacles and go forward in life. In learning about, and coming to terms with your past, there is the opportunity to release blocked energy, because in the process of growing up we become conditioned to think about ourselves in certain ways. It shows up in the beliefs we have about ourselves and where we fit in, both within our families and within the world at large.

Sometimes these beliefs grow into obstacles, or layers from our past that tell us things like, for example, we are not deserving, are unworthy or lacking in some way, and they have a powerful ability to block energy.

With the release that can come from examine your family history (writing your personal story is very helpful in working with the Family Heritage area) release comes the ability to go forward in life to create something new — new goals, dreams, attitudes, health and harmony

~*~ Enhance the Family Heritage and Health Area ~*~

  • when you wish to enhance health on all levels
  • to break free from the past and make a fresh start
  • to assist in releasing blockages, habits, or ways of thinking that no longer serve you
  • to help you manifest your goals
  • to foster good family relationships and increase family harmony

~*~ Colours to Use ~*~
Traditionally the colours for the Family Heritage and Health area are green and blue.

~*~ Element Symbols ~*~
The Element symbol for the Family Heritage and Health area is Wood. Wood element symbols are healthy plants, flowers, objects made of wood, columns and floral prints, stripes.

~*~ Life Symbols ~*~
Images and symbols that represent good family relationships, happy times, objects that give you a feeling of being empowered, accomplished and going forward in life; Images or objects that represent the goals and dreams you are currently pursuing.

~*~ How to Use ~*~
Use any of the enhancements of colour, element symbols or life symbols in the Family Heritage and Health area of your home. You can also use any of these enhancements as a theme for a home altar when you are manifesting goals.

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