One of the most common methods of applying feng shui principles in North America today is the bagua map. It is the system I use, and have written extensively on. The bagua map is really a symbolic tool (sometimes called The Eight Aspirations). It divides living spaces into eight equal areas, which each area corresponding to an ‘aspiration’ in life: Family, Abundance, Reputation, Relationships, Creativity, Helpful People, Career and Self Knowledge. The ninth area in the middle is the focal point holding all that energy together.


Using the Bagua Map
I start with the floor plans of the home, a separate plan for each floor, e.g. the ground floor, the basement, the upstairs. Starting with the ground floor, I orient that bagua on the architectural main entrance of the house. With the bagua map properly aligned, your front door (or entrance door to a room) will be in one of the three orienting bagua areas: Self Knowledge, Career or Helpful People. Repeat for each floor of the house, orient each floor in the same direction as the front door.

The bagua map can also be applied to each room, e.g., the living room, the kitchen, each bedroom, etc. Then map out where all the other areas are located on that floor or in that room. Unless your home is square or rectangular shape, you will find the bagua map won’t fit. A part of one or more of the grid will be missing.

What this Tells you
First, it tells me the the vibrational colour to use for each area, for example red in the Fame area. Secondly it tells me the element I want to work on. Again taking the example of the Fame area, the element is Fire. I want to take note of what room is in that area and I’m thinking about the energy that the Fame/Fire element brings into our lives. Does the room purpose fit the energy of the bagua area?  Is it present in the home? That is an important question because not all homes are a straightforward square or rectangle. Modern home design have extensions and recesses which must be taken into consideration. Is the room under-used or over-used? Is there clutter in this area?

With the ‘story’ for that room or area, we can begin enhancements. Enhancements, or feng shui ‘cures’ modulate the energy. By deliberately bringing in certain colours or design features we enhance that area or life aspiration.

What I love about feng shui and the bagua map is the ability to fine tune and go as deeply as desired to bring beneficial change.

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