…we aren’t beautiful or attractive because of how we stack up against a runway model–we’re beautiful because we came from beauty, so we must be the same as what we came from. All labels such as unattractive, ugly, homely, and unbecoming (as well as pretty, attractive, handsome, and beautiful) are judgments designed to compare one person to another using artificial standards set up by ego-dominated people and organizations.

Living in-Spirit means that we see our body with all of its unique characteristics and feel thankful for the perfect temple that’s temporarily housing our true “primary existence.”

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Inspiration, Your Ultimate Calling

It is normal and natural to compare ourselves to others. But it is wise to be discerning about the source of your comparisons. Are they models or actors? If so, how much of what you see is real? Take a look behind the scenes at an award winning documentary made by Dove made called evolution. ?  It won 2 Cannes Advertising Awards for its powerful portrayal of unrealistic views of beauty in the media.   Click on this link Evolution to see the “Dove” move.

What is beauty? What is your idea of true/real beauty? I had a friend, a guy, who used to say, everyone is good looking. I must say as a young woman in my twenties I was not prepared for this point of view and I found it almost shocking, but at the same time profound. It stuck with me over the years and I read that message again, a few days ago in “Inspiration” and it reminded me.



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