Earlier this year I joined a business success circle (or a Mastermind Group, if you are familiar with Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich). After we went around the table and talked about where we were with our businesses, our group leader posed an interesting question:

What have you been putting off?

I found it a difficult question to answer. While I was waiting for my turn to speak, my first answer was ‘nothing!” I couldn’t think of anything, yet I knew that wasn’t right. There were things on my to-do list, but I didn’t feel like it was something I was putting off. (Except I know I don’t like making telephone calls, ever, so I do tend to put those off.)

But then something interesting happened over the next week. Those words kept coming back to me: What have I been putting off? And it had a remarkable effect because things started flowing to me: dreams I had long ago that I’d put on the back burner, every day sorts of things that somehow don’t get done, seem to take lower priority (often centered around taking care of myself).

I invite you to ask this question of yourself: What you you been putting off?

Notice what comes up for you. Do you initially feel some resistance – as I did? What happens next? Does the question cause you to change your daily routine or to change a habit?


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