Where does your clutter live? Under your bed? In the attic? The Basement?

According to feng shui principles, the places where [tag]clutter[/tag] takes root is meaningful but we are often not aware of what that meaning is. The following examples do not have to be true all the time of course, but something definitely worth thinking about as you clear your clutter.

Attic: Represents things hanging over your head, goals or dreams beyond your reach.

Bathroom: Plumbing is related to the emotions. Repressed emotions: feeling blocked, holding on to the past, people or events. Excessive emotions: weepy, verbal diarrhea or ranting.

Bedroom: Needing a great deal of privacy, hiding yourself or some aspect of your life from the world, being out of touch with your emotions or your inner self.

Basement: Suppressed emotions, unconscious beliefs, thoughts, patterns of behaviour, lack of foundation or roots in your life.

Cupboards: Upper cupboards, same for attic. Lower cupboards, same for basement.

Dining room: Feeling unnourished, un-nurtured, not taking care of your health, or lacking a sense of community in your life.

Kitchen: not fully allowing abundance, the harvest — what you have been working towards, into your life.

Living Room: difficult or absent relationships, feeling unconnected from loved ones and your community.

Under: (bed, cabinets, cupboards, etc.) Feeling bogged down.

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