Whenever I clean, I pull out a few items that I haven’t used in a while and set them aside to dispose of. Usually I take them to my local thrift shop that supports Seniors.

When I do a bigger clean (like my wardrobe) I always find things to part with – even when I think I am done. It is because I (still) after all these years, convince myself that I need to keep it.

I think it is quite reasonable to keep outfits that are dressier – that you perhaps only wear a few times a year, but it is also reasonable to keep them to a minimum.

Ageless and Well Woman

Among things I am parting with is a full length paisley silk skirt with velvet underskirt. It is gorgeous but after a couple of winters without finding exactly the right thing to wear with it, I’m done and I’m passing it on for someone else to enjoy.

Part of clearing clutter is also getting to know your own style. It seems every season I get caught up in something – it might be advertising or even the latest ‘must have’ lists – that I know isn’t me. I prefer solid colours that I can change with scarves or jewellery. Whether I’ve paid a lot, or a little, I get huge mileage out of those garments, while the patterned things I buy end up taking space until I admit I made a mistake.

Have you noticed a pattern with the clothing you rarely wear? Do you give away the same time of clothes every season? Perhaps it is a message that you aren’t listening to what you feel the most comfortable and natural in.


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